Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No Dog to Eat My Homework

The writer in me likes nothing better than an assignment. So when the talk turned to poems and the writing of them over at Center Down Home, I happily jumped on the bandwagon.

This Morning

Something ancient, huge
and prehistoric
takes flight from our tree
as I step outside.

All I hear is the whoosh
his wing's downbeat
and all I see is a dark
shadow disappearing.

I face East at daybreak
beginning a long slow turn
with the sun

singing in my dream
last night

to be as strong
as the day is long.

Listening to Counting Crows, August and Everything After.


  1. Yes! That'a what it feels like! This turn to the sun, this lifting of the shadow that I (and others) have experienced recently. That's just right. :)Sigh of contentment.

    I'd like to keep a copy of that. May I?
    Love and Light.

  2. Wonderful! I really missed your poetry, one the poem a day thingy ended!

  3. Hey thanks! I don't think I've ever posted a poem over here (as opposed to over there).

    Laura, I'm pleased that you'd like a copy - help yourself!

  4. love this poem thing that is dancing around the globe.
    love your sunshine imagery.
    mwah X