Sunday, August 31, 2008

Word Cloud

Click on these to make them bigger.

If you haven't tried this already, you must. Wordle takes text from your blog or anything else and creates a world cloud based on how often words appear. I love this.

Here's one based on the poems I wrote (here) during National Poetry Month.


  1. Very cool. I think I need one. Hey your ass is looking good down below!

  2. I'm definitely going to try the Wordle application. I wonder what words I use most often.

  3. Beware, I played with wordle for a looong time. It's pretty addictive.

  4. I can't get yours to load on my computer, Laura. Probably a player issue. I need to update or something. I was afriad to try this Wordle thing, myself. Especially after the last few months, I thought it might come out all:
    "Tired", "Overwhelmed", "Busy", "Sorry"

    A true Eeyore Wordle. :/ Wish I could view yours. I'll check my player updates thingy.