Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home Again

We are home from vacation and we had a wonderful time. We spent the time just hanging out together – something that's been in short supply this summer. (Lefty's research took up a lot of time but was fruitful and as a pre-tenure professor, it was important for him to move things forward. He'll have a paper written by the time his review rolls around this year and that is a very good thing.)

We played. We swam. We ate good food. Lefty and The Kid kayaked out to an island and explored. I read and knit and spent a lot of time just looking out at the big beautiful lake. I left a lot of the chemo exhaustion on our doorstep – the relaxed pace of vacation helped me to feel less tired.

The Kid perfected his cannonball.

Max's Cannonball from Laura on Vimeo.

It was good to be away and now it's good to be home. I love this languorous time of year as summer is winding down. Don't you?


  1. Very nice cannonball.

    I also checked out "Ninja Swords" and I love the look in his eyes as he's actually fighting. What is the career path for a Ninja these days?

  2. Way to go, Kid!

    I'm so glad you had the restful vacation you needed! And yes, I mostly love this winding down time...though right now, it's also overlaid with a bit of sadness--I'm going to miss my own kid when he goes to school!

  3. Thanks, Michele. Yes, he's pretty serious about the way of the ninja...

    Karen, that first sending off to school is so hard. I feel your pain. I've got an internet shoulder if you need one to sniffle on!

  4. Now that is a cannonball! Glad you all had a good vacation!

    You would not believe the cool autumn feel to the air here this morning, Laura. I wish that Canadian stream of cool high pressure would take a low dip to you guys, too!

    Karen: I'm sending positive vibes. I sent three off to kindergarten, and #1 marched off down the sidewalk to new friends and excitement without turning to look back. #2 found full-day K exhausting and was sleepy the whole year, and #3 clung and cried and finally sat down in the hall and refused to go. Ever again. Hoping for a #1 experience for you guys! :)

  5. Oh, Laura. I envy you your cool weather and think you're awfully generous to be willing to share it. Autumn is the thing I miss most about living further north.

    I've had to learn to love this time of year without that dip in temperatures but I can still almost taste the way that first coolish morning feels...