Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two Birds, One Stone

Behold, The Kid and I took a Bionicle friend to the zoo.

The Kid himself took these two hippo shots. I think he may be a budding photographer.

In light of all that transpired last week I want to promise that his blog will not become "The Skin Cancer Chronicles". I will continue to write about Lefty and The Kid and drinking wine and trying to write and parenting. This, any blog book will tell you, is my big mistake. I have no platform. I should just choose one thing and write about that and not be all over the map like this. Alas… So, when the scab fell off my biopsy site, which is actually my tumor, (can you see I'm still stumbling around in all this terminology – would it be okay if I just said "that thing, you know that thing on my nose?") I had this crazy, middle of the night idea that I would take a picture of my nose and thus share the skin ravaging chemo course with all of you fine folk. Fortunately, in the dawn's early light this seemed like kind of an icky idea. I do want a vehicle to talk about the process though, so…

this is my tumor stand in. I picked a moon crater because post-biopsy, the tiny spot on my nose resembles a crater more than anything else. As the chemo does it's job, I'll use this photo to demonstrate what's going on with my actual nose and in the process hopefully work on my Photoshop skills. Two birds, one stone!


  1. The Kid has real talent. What's a little crater-it adds character.

  2. That bionicle guy looks like he is having a swell time. "Watch me lift that hippo!" Thank God he kept you and The Kid safe from the forces of, um, the Zoo!

    Sometimes a blog seems like a good place to drag out some of the tangle of thoughts and emotions and let your blog friends help you comb through them. Sometimes, just thinking about blogging untangles something. Like the crater-thing. :) I think that you should blog about anything you want to, anytime you need to. Your blog, your rules.

  3. Platform schmatform...I like blogs that go all over the place...maybe because MY blog goes all over the place?!

    Writing things out makes me feel better--and I have a strong suspicion that that is true for you, as well. Your readers read One of Three because of you, and (unfortunately) skin cancer is part of your life right now--part of you. We would probably worry more if you DIDN'T write about it.

    So write whatever you want--I'll certainly be coming back, again & again!

    And I love the Bionicle/Hippo photos--there's so much enjoyment to experience in life!

  4. Tell the Kid that I love the hippo and the Bionicle.

    I know what you mean about a platform for your blog. A friend once sent me an article about this very subject, since my own blog is really all over the flippin' place. But you know what? That's me, in a nutshell.

    (Insert awkward Austin Powers image here.)

  5. I like reading about whatever you feel like writing about. I love the pix. My kids want to know, How long can the hippo stay underwater?