Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Cut

Here's my hair before I left the house this morning (I think the shadow here is Bossy's seagull or The Kid's finger)

and here's what I came home with.

I love a summer haircut. My head feels 20 pounds lighter.

This photo is a lesson in self awareness for me. Talking to my mom this morning, she asked if I would post my new hair photo today and I said I would, but only from the back because I'm really self conscious about how this thing on my nose looks. You are looking right at the place on my nose where the biopsy occurred, where the area is beginning to swell and flake. Can you see it? This thing has become so huge in my mind, I have completely lost all perspective about how visible it is because, my friends, in this picture, I don't see a thing.

Now, the handheld magnifying mirror is another story.


  1. Nice haircut!

    And I don't see anything either. I wouldn't have known anything if you didn't say something.

  2. Hey thanks! It always takes a day or two for a new cut to settle on my head but I think I really like this!

    (The Kid said it makes me look like I'm 25...)

  3. If I could borrow your hair -- just for a day or two -- I would swing all of those curls back and forth all day long. I would bounce on a trampoline, just to feel them bounce along with me. And the color! Sigh.

    But you inspire me to get mine cut. It's long, but it doesn't do anything. WAKE UP HAIR! Look at OtherLaura's hair!! Aren't you ashamed of yourself??

    Oh. That Kid is priceless! When Owen was in preschool, the teacher told me that all of the other kids were talking about how old their moms were. Some moms were 12, some were "Twenty-eleven", some were ... well, you know kids. Owen looked up from coloring and said, "My mom is 38." He's always believed that accuracy is important. Bless him.

    You look lovely, Laura! :)

  4. What absolutely beautiful hair you have!!!

  5. What a gorgeous cut--and photos! Man, how I wish I had curly hair...

  6. That hair looks fine to me :)

  7. We have the same hair!!! Mine is brown though, with a nice skunk-streak of gray down the middle. Yeah, it does get heavy, doesn't it? Oh, the life of the glamorous...

    I don't see anything but your beautiful face in that pic.

  8. Ohhhhhhh, pretty please can you keep Bossy's seagull for a while? He doesn't eat much!


    (cute cut.)

  9. Thanks, Bossy. I'm afraid the seagull has disappeared - left in a snit mumbling something about the heat here in South Texas and that he was heading back north to crash for awhile...