Thursday, July 31, 2008

Project Arse: Week One

The beloved Mrs. G has resurrected her 5k ass project and I'm taking on the challenge. I thought I'd get my pre-vacation rear end in here for week one because to me vacation means "why yes I'll have another glass of wine and we would love to see the dessert menu".

You don't know how fragile your ego is until you ask your seven year old to take a picture of your butt.

Week One

I will walk everyday.


  1. I tried the ass photo in the bathroom mirror, but it was blurry and, with nothing for scale -- like a refrigerator -- meaningless.

    I am still laughing over the comment (was it Mrs. Karen?) "The internet isn't big enough to hold a photo of my ass." Heehee. 'Cause the internet is, you know, BIG.

    Good luck, Laura -- are you planning to do a 5K?

  2. Congrats to you. My hats off to you who photograph your asses. I'm too scared to.