Monday, July 7, 2008


A series of three word poems from our refrigerator

and it rained.


  1. Thank goodness for the rain!!!

  2. ... and the music of the rain. :)

    Even the Tuesday Boys here won't go out and play -- too hot and muggy. There will be a short storm this afternoon, maybe, but it isn't supposed to bring much relief.

    On the other hand, everything is green and moist. I've got a lime and some fizzy orange mineral water. And some ice cubes. Let's go sit in a porch rocker and fan ourselves.

  3. We've had a quick afternoon shower for the last three days and you would not believe how green our yard is. Even the opportunistic weeds in the backyard are perking up!

    I am a great fan of porch rockers...

  4. I found two whole sets of those poetry magnets at work and COVERED my file cabinet. So cool. The students will be so surprised in the fall when they return -- they love messing with my stuff. I can only imagine the "creative" things they will come up with.