Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Round Up

From the start I should let you know that I'm battling a serious sinus drainage producing virus. I've been successfully medicating during the day with decongestants which help with the drainage and the coughing but also give me pms-worthy levels of anxiety. I can't take them at night or I lie awake twitching so I've been doing the sinus dance rolling from left side to right side every ten minutes as my befouled sinuses clog and drain with a little bit of coughing thrown in for good measure. Can you imagine what a joy I am to be around after several days of this mess? I'm surprised I'm not shooting lasers out of my eyes and blowing up cars as they drive by.

So along with my snotty woes, Lefty and I chaperoned The Kid's end of year field trip to Guadalupe River State Park. It's a gorgeous park, a beautiful part of the river runs through it. Of course on Friday it was 97 degrees and sunny - the kind of sunny that actually sort of stings your skin. So slathered in sunscreen and wearing our hats we tromped off to visit the science stations set up on picnic tables and along the riverbank. We found rocks and dissected beans. We looked at frog eggs and made mud pies. Lefty was awesome with the kids, I am always amazed at his deep reserves of patience. (This may or may not have come from being married to me all these years.)

I learned that, dear lord, little boys love to throw rocks. Little boys can throw rocks all day long. Little boys really love to throw rocks at other little boys. Sigh.

We also experienced a miracle that will henceforth be known as The Miracle of the First Grade Field Trip. After lunch, shortly before the children were preparing to board the busses, The Kid's BFF got sad about something and my lovely empathetic child walked over to comfort him. I watched him walk away. A few minutes later he returned without hat or sunglasses. I was certain he had them on as I watched him walk away. Did you take them off? No. We retraced his steps, no hat, no sunglasses. So they boarded the bus and I assured him that both were easily replaced, not to worry. We drove back home and had about half an hour to spare before picking The Kid up at school. We unloaded the coolers from the car and I took the world's quickest shower. Then Lefty opened one of the coolers and lo and behold The Kid's hat and sunglasses! At pickup, we told him all about he miraculous return of that which was lost and he said, "Oh yeah! I forgot I put them in there."

What with the snot and then the heat and the rock throwing, the field trip thoroughly wiped me out.

On Saturday, we attended The Kid's BFF's birthday party and played laser tag. I'm the only member of the family to have ever played laser tag and that was when I was 6 months pregnant with The Kid. Of course, the build up to the party was tremendous and the bully of the class told The Kid that it hurt when you get tagged, so bad that you fall down and might faint. So I reassured The Kid saying, "Dude, I didn't even drink COFFEE when I was pregnant with you – do you really think I would have played laser tag if it weren't completely safe?!" But to be sure that the dark and the strobe lights and the loud techno music (what's up with that?) didn't freak him out, we played laser tag with him. It was sort of fun, but terrifically exhausting especially while carrying some crazed mucous producing virus around.

So, I'm a little wiped out and there are two days left of school. So, how was your weekend?


  1. What's up with the summer viruses? Dang, I've got one, too, and they. are. miserable. Did you put in for your Mommy Sick Day? ha ha ha

  2. Sinus R us. The Matron too - and she thinks it's allergies. The weekend? Just wacky. You are a saint for volunteering for such a big field trip.

  3. Well, sainthood is VERY overrated. Next year I plan to sign up for an early field trip, perhaps one that involves air conditioning!

  4. Not nearly as exciting as yours...

  5. Oh, I just love you guys! You played laser tag to ease The Kid into playing! When you were feeling crummy! Mom with a Big Heart. You're wonderful.

    Tell Obi -- :) -- Owen was afraid to play the fist time he went. He and Jesse were at the birthday party of a good friend. The other boys and the mom didn't pressure him, and Owen sat out the first round 'til the boys returned to tell him about it. He's played enthusiastically ever since!

  6. Hey Laura. We're actually celebrating The Kid's birthday party with cake and laser tag later this month.
    (His true birthday is Dec. 27 so we have his party around his half-birthday...)

    I think you're a pretty wonderful mom too. You have single handedly changed the way I thought about The Kid's approaching adolescence!

  7. Hey! December 27th is my birthday, too! Wait until I tell Mark and the kids we csn celebrate my half-birthday!

    These adolescent boys are so sweet and vulnerable under their attempts at being "cool", at being men. We have a houseful today. I love cooking for them -- the shout that goes up when I bring in something me and Betty Crocker baked. "Muffins!"