Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Last Day of First Grade

Right here is where I planned to put the photo of The Kid, backpack on his shoulder, lunchbox in hand, as he headed out for his final day of First Grade. Instead, I give you this.

This is The Kid with strep throat.

He called out to me at two a.m. because his throat hurt and when I touched his forehead, he was hot, 103.8 and his first question after the thermometer reading was "Can I go to school tomorrow?"

Tylenol brought his fever down eventually and he went back to sleep. When we got home from the pediatrician's office, he fell asleep on the couch and slept for two hours.

His fever's down now. He feels a little better but he still missed the last day of school, Field Day and his final class party and that, my friends, just sucks.


  1. In kid world, that is bad news. Field day? Yikes. I hope he keeps smiling!

  2. On Field Day they race and jump and kick balls into nets. Yikes, indeed.

    He's already feeling better and his teacher is coming by tomorrow to bring him some trinkets from the class party.

    He handled the disappointment with an amazing amount of grace...

  3. Oh man, I hear you. Teen/Child, when he was merely "Child" missed the last few days of 2nd grade because of CHICKEN POX after having had the pox vaccine. Mild case, but home he stayed nevertheless. I'd say this calls for serious spoiling.

  4. Poor thing. But how nice of his teacher to stop by.

    By the by, he SO has your eyes!

  5. Thanks, Michele and not to worry, Marti, we take every opportunity to spoil - within reason, of course!

  6. Oh--poor boy!! What a blow!!

  7. Now that is rotten luck! I hope he's feeling better soon.

  8. Oh poor kid! I have to say, tho, that last picture just made me smile :-)