Monday, June 23, 2008

The Truth about Socks

I finished my sock! I know it seems like I've been working on it for a long time and it's true, I have. I taught myself as I went along and sometimes the going was rough. There were tears. There was tangled yarn. There were evenings when it taunted me from my knitting basket and I turned my back on it and watched TV instead.

Looking closely, I can see the exact row where I finally got the hang of using the double pointed needles - from that point on the sock looks amazing. The top of the sock is all learning curve in it's loose, rather uneven floppiness and it may be the part I love the most because it was the hardest part, the part where I wanted to give up and shove the whole project in the bottom of a drawer, the part that gave me (eventually) the confidence that shows in the heel and toe of the darn thing.

It's not lovely to look at. It's not the most beautiful sock in the world but it's mine. I made it myself and now I'm busy making it a mate.


  1. First, I had to tear my eyes away from the clean floor, but then -- !

    So cool! I love your sock! hurry and make its mate and slide on those floors!

  2. Oh, thanks, Laura. Would it dispel the illusion if I confessed that I walked around looking for a particularly clean spot to take the photo?

  3. it is an amazing i'm tryingn to figure out where exactly in the house the shiny floor spot is located?


  4. In the studio, right beside my desk!

  5. They are lovely. YOur feet look loved.

  6. Okay, I don't knit, but I do love that you referred to your sock as the "darn thing."

    Darn? Sock? I need to go back to bed, I think...