Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flea Circus

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have fleas! In our house! And no pets! Go figure.

Tomorrow, we're throwing a little going away party for the feisty little critters and we have to be out of the house for a large chunk of the day. (No, I'm not wagging my laptop around town with me, although I was tempted.)

I'm leaving you with a question. My blogiversary is Thursday - one year of bloggy bliss! What should I do to celebrate?!

Photo courtesy of sideshowowrld.com


  1. I say drink a glass of champagne and pat yourself on the back. Good work, woman.

  2. Here's hoping that the Flea Circus has folded its tents and moved on.

    I'm all for drinking champagne to celebrate just about anything. I'll be watching to see what you come up with -- my blogiversary isn't until November.

  3. mark it down and rebomb in exactly 21 days that is when the eggs hatch from the grown fleas you have now or you will have them again! Just saying.

  4. Have you been leaving miniature circus equipment lying around the house?

    Sometimes fleas who have escaped from a flea circus like to practice their tricks and hang out reminising of the good old days at the circus.

  5. Alas, we had to get rid of the mini trampoline and the trapeze...