Monday, April 21, 2008

Dead Birds

We had a very nice weekend around here, with only one more smoke detector episode on Sunday morning. I think we have it fixed (throws salt over right shoulder and crosses fingers).

We went for a walk in the park and had a scavenger hunt with The Kid. I wish I had remembered my camera. The Kid was all about the hunt and he won! It was more about going for a walk in some trees for me.

After lunch we had a little quiet time, which means everyone goes to their respective space and reads or naps or plays quietly for about 45 minutes. The Kid reads or plays in his room, reappearing only when he has some little Lego arms that need to be attached on to a mini figure. Why are those arms so damn hard to pop on?! Lefty naps and I read, often resting my eyes for a minute or two on the couch. On Sunday, I was startled from my eye resting by a loud thud. I looked around and couldn't see anything that might be the source. I could hear Lefty snoring and The Kid rustling pages of the Lego catalog down the hall - they didn't seem to be thudding.

I picked up my book and it happened again. This time I saw what it was – a pigeon was flying into the window of our back door and hitting the glass with a thud. It happened twice more and then I went out back, made loud noises and clapped big cheerleader claps, saying "shoo" in the hopes of scaring the poor thing away.

Later that afternoon when Lefty and The Kid (in a red Power Ranger costume – I kid you not) were putting out the trash, I found two dead birds (small birds, young birds, but not babies) in the front yard – a cat had obviously gotten them.

In the middle of the night last night I woke up and had this crazy thought, perhaps the window whomping bird was trying to tell me something? If I had gone into the front yard at that moment could I have scared the cat away? Saved the little birds?

I'll never know.


  1. Our front window has been the recipient of many bird deaths of late. I just put duct tape X's on it to send them in a new direction. The birds run into the window even when the blinds our down. My daughter says it's survival of the fittest, but I can't bear it. I feel like I need to go outside and wave flags.

    Congrats on the sucee

  2. Poor dead birdies! We do our best...