Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend Roundup

We went downtown to the library on Saturday. Have you ever noticed that your life becomes one excellent photo opportunity after another when you leave your camera at home on the kitchen table? Besides my ride in the smelliest elevator in the history of the world (the other person in there was literally holding her nose), here are the highlights. You'll have to imagine the photos.

Lefty and The Kid have a serious conversation at one of those little wooden tables in the children's section.

The Kid picks out books on computer animation and building your own website - the internet should be very afraid.

Lefty and The Kid scale the huge water sculpture outside the library. The water was turned off. The security guard did not approve.

Good imagining. Ten points for you!

Lefty heads back to work tomorrow. He's teaching microbiology this semester and looking forward to it. He's also working on a collaboration with another Biology professor and a Math professor. This is what he's really excited about. If you walked into a room and found your spouse clutching his forehead with a faraway look in his eyes, what would you think? He's pining for a lost love? Regretting his life choices? Worrying if we're out of peanut butter? No, when I see that look on his face, I know that Lefty is thinking about math.
Hence his reading material for the holiday break.

But there was still enough time for one more of these.


  1. That last photo is pure peace and love.

  2. What is it about seeing our loved ones asleep that just makes us melt? The trust? The vulnerablility?

  3. Love that last picture. On New Years Eve, I was suffering from an awful cold, and my younger son came and lay down with me to take a nap; I felt so much better afterwards.