Monday, January 7, 2008

Retro Kid

Before the holidays, I searched high and low for a popcorn popper. We were planning on making homemade caramel corn to give away to some of our friends and you cannot use microwave popcorn (plus it would be prohibitively expensive). I have a hot air popper, but the popcorn that comes out of it is tough and too dry on the surface for good caramel adhesion. I found one (Amazon, of course) and when it arrived we made a batch of popcorn to test it out. Max was mesmerized by the popper and when the popcorn started to pop he laughed and laughed and laughed, that crazy maniacal kid laugh that makes you laugh right along with him, really hard. Someone might have peed a little there was so very much laughter. He had never seen popcorn actually pop before. All I have to do is threaten to take it out of the cabinet and he starts to giggle.

The Kid has also recently discovered these old Tom and Jerry cartoons on Cartoon Network. Again, he laughs this incredible laugh – a laugh that should be bottled and sold to sad people to make them happy again.


  1. Tom and Jerry are the best. My kids don't agree. Their loss.

  2. My boys LOVE Tom and Jerry. Carter is also into Underdog. Talk about serious throwbacks!

    I don't know what kind of popper you got, but I have a Whirly Pop and I love it. (My enthusiasm is running over here.)

  3. It's a Stir Crazy Pop which sounds almost as fun as a Whirly Pop...