Thursday, January 10, 2008


So I took the day off. Yesterday was, well you can scroll down and see for yourself, unpleasant. Things did not improve after I cleaned the kitchen and posted here. I sat down to try and fold some clothes and basically thought -- screw it – and I did what anything self-respecting, hormone drenched woman would do, I went to bed. I read until I felt sleepy, pulled the covers over my head and slept till morning.

I got up, still feeling kind of teeth-grindy and raw this morning. So, after The Kid was safely at school and Lefty had shuttled off to his office, I plugged in the heating pad, took a couple of ibuprofen and laid down on the couch with a book. And I stayed there - for most of the day. I didn't run errands or send emails or network or write. I read two blogs that I am totally addicted to (Hi, Mrs. G!) and I turned my computer off. Turned it off and walked away.

It was, I think, exactly what I needed, sort of an emotional reboot.

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  1. Good for you... I'm pretty sure it's necessary to take some time off from the internets once in a while and just nap the day away. I say, good on ya.