Friday, December 21, 2007

Mitt Romney Was Not Invited

We just returned from our second gingerbread house decorating event of the season. (We are actually getting pretty good at it.) This was dinner and gingerbread hosted by Lefty's friend and colleague KL. KL is very tall and seriously smart. He is also Mormon.

He's a modern day Mormon, what I would call the good kind. He's liberal and proudly so. He is thoughtful and kind and so is his lovely wife. They have three kids, the youngest being a boy about The Kid's age. There is always great hope that they will play together but it has never come to pass. As an only child, The Kid is tentative around large groups of kids he doesn't know, and tonight he was not about to dive into the mosh-pit-basement-playroom teeming with running, squealing kids. He decided to hang out with us. That was fine with me – he's pretty good company.

It quickly became clear that most of the guests were from KL's church. Every single person we spoke with was originally from Utah and every single person was friendly. It was just a bunch of nice family oriented folks talking and helping their kids decorate gingerbread houses. I wasn't surprised. Knowing KL has forced me to rethink this particular religion and the assumptions I used to have.

Before we ate, KL said a prayer and The Kid, being in the middle of calculating how many squares were on the big living room rug, talked through the whole thing despite my pointed ssshhing. Somewhere right now someone is rehashing the party and saying, "And that poor non-Mormon child didn't have sense enough to be quiet during the dinner blessing."


  1. I so get this. My kids are always the ones who start eating DURING grace. Whatcha gonna do but laugh?

  2. You're right. I am just going to embrace our heathen-ness.

  3. My kids surprise me once in a while by wanting to say grace before dinner. Usually when my fork is poised to begin eating.