Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dish Therapy

Not to get all zen on you guys but in the midst of all the Christmas crazy I thought I would share this.

I spent this morning in a frenzy of wrapping and packing and standing in a loooong line at the post office. I was so happy to get rid of those packages, I nearly hugged the nervous post office lady and I think I told her to have a happy holiday about seven times.

Then I came home and did some holiday baking so we would have a treat to take to a party tomorrow night. I was so busy I had this sad little bologna sandwich for lunch, standing up in the kitchen.

I fetched The Kid from school and snacked and homeworked him and then made his favorite dinner which is salmon with wild rice and green beans and by the time dinner rolled around I was feeling pretty miserable and underappreciated because I spent the entire day making Christmas for everyone and who now is making Christmas for me?

Then, after The Kid was tucked in bed, I stood in the kitchen and did the dishes by hand and that simple act of creating a little order in the kitchen sort of erased all that bad feeling and now I'm feeling a little more content. This big ass glass of wine may have helped a little bit too.


  1. It's hard being the leader of holidays. Wine helps for sure.

  2. I'm with Mrs. G! But the combination of wine AND order. Well.