Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Traditions

We planned to go to Vespers last night. Ever since the USDA interview, we have been reminded of all that is good and right about being a part of an academic community, and this kind of tradition is one of those things.

We had an early dinner and headed out, making sure to arrive early because there is always quite a scramble for seats. We got there and there was not a single seat to be had – anywhere. Even the folding chairs along the side of the building were filled. I am sure that standing for 90 minutes would be easy for me if I were still, say, 25, but Lefty and I are well into our 40's and standing for all that time was out of the question. Sitting on the marble floor of the foyer was also not an option. I cannot imagine how deeply my butt would have been asleep when I stood up and tried to walk, plus I was wearing a dress not particularly suited for floor sitting.

So, there was some discussion and some raised eyebrows and wringing of hands, and we decided to bail. We gave back our fancy engraved program and our candles and took off.

We headed back to where the car was parked, and as we passed the Biology building, Lefty asked if we wanted to see the new greenhouse on the roof and we said yes. So we made our way up and oh, there were the lights of San Antonio laid out on either side of us and a handful of twinkling stars over our heads. It was beautiful and after a good deal of fuss about propping the door to the roof open (because we all have seen the locked on the roof episode too many times) we enjoyed the view, and the cool breeze and the night sky. This may be our new holiday tradition.

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