Friday, November 30, 2007

NaBloPoMo – Day 30

Well, it seems I survived November and actually managed to post every day. It has really been fun, (most of the time) and even on the days when I was banging my head on the desk, thinking, must post, must post, I enjoyed the pressure, knowing that I was keeping a promise, not only to myself, but to you, my handful of gentle readers. Thank you to those who stopped by almost every day and commented. You made me want to be smarter and funnier - I will keep trying.

I was worried about committing to this. Historically, when I would get on any kind of roll writing, The Kid would get sick, or I would get sick, or some other extremely distracting thing like real life would step in and derail me. I weathered those distractions pretty well this month and actually found some of the disasters useful as blog topics. Why else would I be blogging about HEAD LICE, people?!

Most of all, I found posting everyday to be a pretty useful writing practice. I did not do my most stellar writing every day, but it did force me to sharpen focus, to open my writer's eyes to my everyday life in a way I never have before. That may be the most important thing I learned this month, that the material is there, everyday, no matter what.

So, here's to NaBloPoMo. Here's to opening new doors. Here's to leaving them open.

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  1. It's been wonderful fun. The daily thing really is the answer to producing the good's stuck between all the the bad stuff. See you soon.