Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Knit Sometimes

I taught myself to knit two years ago with a book I gave myself for Christmas. I was reading some self-help creativity book that challenged me to learn something new – I picked knitting. I loved it from the start, but I was a terrible knitter. I kept dropping stitches and picking up extra stitches at the beginning of a row. The first few things I knitted were lopsided and featured dramatic gaping holes, but I kept at it, I think because it relaxed me. As crazy as this may sound, picking up a knitting project is like instant valium, my breathing slows, my shoulders relax, I lose track of time.

Last year, I tried knitting some things to give as gifts. Scarves and shawls are pretty simple. I made some hats that were daunting. One hat was so terribly misshapen and awful I nearly threw it away, but Lefty claimed it and actually wears the hideous thing every chance he gets. I just hope my nephews never felt obliged to wear the hats I sent them.

This year, I've chosen something very simple. I'm giving these chunky, kind of retro, cotton dishcloths to the cooks in my family. The pattern for the one above is from Mason Dixon Knitting.

I love to knit. I'm not a particularly crafty person so I get quite a kick out of creating one thing out of something else. It's like writing in a way, but so much more tactile.

I am a knitter now. Next year I'm going to learn how to knit socks and knit myself a sweater!

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