Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Meet the Teacher

We met The Kid’s teacher. He will be entrusted to Mrs. P for first grade! Looking back on what I wrote earlier in the summer Mrs. P is everything I wished for. She’s so enthusiastic and genuinely excited about the new school year.

The whole event was fun, but a little chaotic. We left before we found the school t-shirts because the sheer noisy mass of people in the halls was overwhelming The Kid (and me too).

We are very lucky. This is a great elementary school in “the good school district”. We moved into our current neighborhood specifically for the school district and we took some hits as far as the size of the house and yard, no garage, etc. A large portion of the district is affluent. We, on the other hand, live on the skeezy outskirts, in a very mellow, working-class neighborhood. So, Lefty & I stand out a bit amongst the well-pressed and dressed group of parents. Our battered Trooper sits uncomfortably next to the huge and oh, so shiny SUV’s in the school parking lot.

And being an outsider is okay with me. I kind of enjoy being the odd Poet Mom, plus we fit in nicely with some of the other misfit parents, the Hispanic couple who rode the bus, the sleepy punk rock parents, the vegetarians checking out the cafeteria…

Despite the Barbie & Ken-ness of some of the parents, we know that Max will get what he needs here and that makes us happy.

PS- Boots, Did you make it to Penney’s?

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  1. I made it but I'm still recovering!!
    Love you!!