Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Rock and a Hard Place

Driving to work this morning I realized one of the things I miss most about being a stay at home mom - other than, of course, being with my lovely child all day long. I miss being completely addicted to The Weather Channel. I would check the weather about 20 times a day. I loved it.

Today, because a big scary looking line of thunderstorms is crouching off to the north and west, I got to have several little Weather Channel fixes before we headed out into our day. I was convinced that it was going to start pouring down rain any moment. I even put off getting dressed thinking that if we had a great big flash flood perhaps I would have to stay home, but about 7 raindrops have fallen since then and right now the sun is shining.

All the rain hysteria led me to drop my son off at his summer program with his swim suit in his tote bag, certain they would not be having the car wash that was scheduled for today. (Don’t ask me about the ethics of using 6 and 7 year olds as car wash labor to raise money for a not for profit. It boggles the mind.) And I forgot his flip flops because I was so certain he wouldn’t need them and now of course I’m wracked with guilt and the image of him walking around in squishy wet sneakers because his neglectful momma is addicted to The Weather Channel.

Also, someone said something snarky in my general vicinity at work this morning and instead of just walking away like I usually do (a lot of snark where I work) I made a rather pointed comment about the speaker. I always think that being hateful back will make me feel better but it never does. It makes me feel worse.

I am caught this morning between the rain (or lack thereof) and my own bad behavior.

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