Monday, September 23, 2013

Windows Open

When you live in the NE part of this country, there is something magical about the first warmish morning of Spring when you open your windows after being shut inside with the furnace going through those long months of winter. That Spring wind blowing through the house seems to promise everything good, wildflowers, fresh corn, afternoon swims and lemonade.

In South Texas, something similar happens on the first cool morning of Fall, when we throw open the windows and peek out the screen door. That first morning when the temperature dips into the 50s and the Autumn breeze blows through promising pumpkins, stews, fresh-baked cornbread and dark red wine.


  1. The only regret I have about installing storm windows is that I only have time to open the doors and not every window in the house!

  2. Hey Alexa! When we lived in Maine, we would actually seal the windows with this weird plastic and shrink-wrap it on with a hair dryer and double sided tape. I will always remember the very satisfying sound of ripping those long strands of tape off and opening the windows in Spring.

  3. I've lived where it can remain cold enough on the 4th of July to put children in turtlenecks and sweatshirts (hello, Seattle) and a person craves being able to finally stop being cold and wet. However joyously we celebrate the arrival of Spring, it is hard to beat that feeling of the official change of season from miserably hot to cool-enough-to-be-comfortable.