Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bad News / Good News

Bad News: Max came home from school yesterday with a badly sprained finger from an attempt to catch a football in P.E. class. (Stupid stupid football.) He texted a photo during lunch which I thought looked pretty awful but I am trying to be the calm mama these days so I texted back saying we would put some ice on it when he got home. By the time he got out of school he was in a lot pain and we spent thirty minutes debating whether or not to call the doctor. Unable to get in to see his pediatrician, we went to the local emergency care clinic and the people who saw Max there were wonderful. They were reassuring and kind.

Good News: It was all covered by our insurance! As I was pulling out my debit card and doing frantic calculations in my head, we were waived away with a cheerful you are all set!

Bad News: Max's finger is sprained and bruised and swollen and it hurts. There is some concern about damage to the growth plate which cannot be seen on the x-ray.

Good News: Max's finger is not broken. His NO BROKEN BONE streak continues!

Bad News: Max must wear a splint for a week and cannot practice his cello and there is a playing test next week and if he can't practice he's going to lose First Chair to that new kid he's been watching out of the corner of his eye who seems pretty good...

Good News: Max will most likely be able to play his cello again by next week.

Bad News: Max cannot play Minecraft with just one hand.

Good News: Max can play World of Warcraft with one hand.

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  1. Good News: Max can play World of Warcraft with one hand.

    Yes. :)