Saturday, March 23, 2013

Getting Back in the Swing

I have every intention of writing a poem and publishing it here every day in April for National Poetry Month. It is a great practice and a way to immerse yourself in writing/thinking about poems for the entire month.

There is one more reason. Week before last when I was casting about for one more shortish poem to round out my reading, I went back to look at the poems I wrote last year. Taken individually, they aren't much to look at. But viewed as parts/sections/fragments of a larger, longer poem, I actually liked them. I liked them a lot. And I did pull a little fragment out to use during the reading.


 Halfway through
the rambling description
of yesterday's sky I realize
this is going

It would certainly help
if the grass were not
so damn green

or if the light did not insist
on shoving itself
through the blinds
so provocatively

if dinner did not want
so desperately
to be prepared

mushrooms leaping off the counter
and the fish leaning suggestively
toward the oven.

So I am doing it again for the little herd of poems and fragments it will give me to work with in the days ahead.


  1. Awesome!

    I think the swing missed you.

  2. I love that one.
    I hope to be able to keep up each day.