Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Wrote a Poem Every Day in April

So, I wrote a poem every day (except for two of the days we were caught up in the state robotics competition) in April to celebrate National Poetry Month.

In case you are new, I posted them here.

I did it because writing a poem every day is a pretty cool discipline - a good way to stretch some creative muscles that were getting a little flabby and also for this:

What you see there are the pages of rough sketches I did for the little snippets I eventually posted online. Ninety percent of those pages have writing on both sides. That, my friends, is a nice-sized pile of raw poetry material to noodle around with in the next few months. Between these notes and the bits I put online I'd be willing to bet there are several juicy poems worth of images and ideas.

I'm glad I did it. Most days, it was a lot of fun.

So, thank you for reading along. If you'd like to weigh in on what you liked best, I am always happy to have your comments.

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