Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gratitude: Day Eleven

It rained yesterday morning and things have been so terribly dry here in San Antonio I was grateful for it, though it complicated some things and made some things I planned on doing downright impossible. At one point in the late morning I accepted defeat, surrendered to the rain and the waterlogged streets and recalibrated the rest of my to do’s accordingly.

The first year we lived in San Antonio I was caught in a flash flood. There was water up to the bottom of the car door. I flooded out in the middle of a busy intersection and it scared me almost to death. Since then, I’ve learned about the low water crossings between here and most places I need to go. I know which streets to avoid and to always drive in the left lane on Broadway when it is raining hard. I am cautious in a heavy rain and stay put if I possibly can.

So, even though I did not get to the places I wanted to go yesterday, I was grateful for the rain on our dry, dry land. I think the birds were grateful too.

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