Friday, September 23, 2011

Max & Martial Arts

Max sparred yesterday for the first time in his new Taekwondo class. For those who've been around a long time (yeah, I'm looking at you Original Laura and Debbie K and Mrs. G) you may remember the unpleasantness of Max's first karate school and the changes in instruction and focus on aggressive sparring that caused us to drop martial arts like a hot potato.

This school could not be more different. (It's in the basement of a church, ya'll!) The atmosphere is collegial and supportive.

Max did a great job especially considering it was the first time he had sparred in over three years.

As he moved through opponents and got to the higher ranked kids, I spent a good deal of the class with my hands over my eyes. Afterwards, I explained that sometimes when I was watching I saw him in all his ten year old ferocious glory. And sometimes I would look up and see this guy.


  1. Aw, lil' Max is so cute! Yep, I bet my boys will be 10 before I know it!

  2. i look at pictures of when my now-13-year-old was 2 or 3 and i just wanna cry....he was such a cute little bug! thank goodness we have those pictures to remind ourselves of all the innocence he used to have!! ;-D
    i'm glad max has found a better martial arts place...anytime you can find a warm and caring place that encourages our kids to grow and develop and yet learn skills they will have with them forever (physical AND mental ones!) is a place to stick with!!

  3. although in this pic it kinda looks like he could be some stealthy kung fu-wise shaolin monk skulking around outside the monastery....

  4. Yeah, I'ma monastery guy. :P

    I love that class.