Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Painfully and with My Left Hand

It seems everyone I know is doing some wonderful, creative thing and I am just stuck here, trying to heal and the only way to do that is to do very little. I am an impatient patient.

The worst part, the absolute worst part of this whole injury has been that I cannot write. I cannot write longhand. Anything more than a word or two sends searing pain up my right arm. I also cannot type with my right hand and typing with my left is painful and slow.

I can't even knit.

Speaking with a friend yesterday I said:

I feel like someone has put duct tape over my mouth...  or my brain...

But what it really feels like is that someone has put duct tape over me, what makes me me.

I feel broken.

I know I am getting better. I'm healing, however slowly. I'm trying to be a good patient and listen to my body and learn whatever lesson is tucked away in this particular episode of pain.

I'm trying to be still, when what I want most is to move, to go, to run.


  1. Have you tried abstract painting with your left hand? It will feel awkward, but you can express yourself that way ;-)

  2. Also Laura, do you have a tape recorder or digital recorder in your computer? Tell your stories vocally. I read that is how Pat Conroy writes his books. He dictates them and then has someone transcribe them. I hope the healing continues and fast.

  3. awww honey. i am sorry. but you will heal, i just know it.