Monday, July 18, 2011

Dispatch from Summer

We are having a summer that is a little different this year. Max and I are both doing more than usual, so we have fewer of those long event-less days to string together. We're spending more time in the car and we are both actively trying to step a little bit outside our comfort zones.

Walking him into Summer Writer's Camp this morning I thought - less than two weeks until vacation,( after which we are adopting our very first dog) then my retreat and then we board the rollercoaster downslide to the beginning of the school year. When we signed up for writer's camp, July 18 seemed so far away and yet, here we are.

I haven't had enough time just the two of us this summer. Not enough long lazy mornings bumping into each other as we wander from computer to bookshelves to kitchen table, not nearly enough picnic parties on the living room floor watching bad cartoons, not enough bargaining about how much is too much Lego Universe, not enough people watching, not nearly enough afternoon art projects.

I know we still have time to do a lot of these things and I know we will. I just wish summer would slow down a little bit.

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