Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Story of Catty

Once upon a time a beautiful siamese cat wandered onto our front porch and meowed that insistent, snarky, siamese meow through our screen door. The cat was beautiful but scrawny.


The cat had Max wrapped around her dainty little paw in a matter of moments.

We have been discussing pets and the possibility of getting a dog since Albert died. (Raise your hand if you remember Albert the Amazing Hamster.) We cannot have a cat. Max and I are both allergic and I swore a no litter box oath years ago.

But Max pleaded and I agreed to buy one small bag of cat food.


We started calling her Catty.


She has since put on some weight and now comes meowing across the yard when Max gets home from school. (She also showed up with a flea collar on for a couple of days, so we think she has an owner, maybe someone on our block.)


So even if we can't have a cat, we get to have a cat.


  1. Sweet. I "have" three cats like that.

  2. so weird that they protect him from fleas, but not cars! I <3 siamese :-)

  3. Be still my heart--my very first kitty was a Siamese. They are such talkers--I adore them!! And if you can't actually have a cat, this kind is certainly the best to "have."