Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have been sick. I'm hoping this round of antibiotics will make me feel better.

There are techs in my garage installing a new central air unit and it sounds like they are about to drill through the wall.

I may or may not have super glued my finger to my fingernail this morning.

Frank is seeing a new allergist tomorrow. (I have every intention of throwing myself at his feet and begging him to help us.)

I have all but abandoned my studio. A few week back I moved my laptop out to a shelf in the dining room and I have never moved it back. My desk is now littered with piles of papers and gluten free cookbooks. Boxes are stacked in the corner. There will have to be some major de-cluttering before I get back in there. The very thought of that makes me tired.

More than anything else, I want to go to yoga class on Friday morning.

In the past four months, I inadvertently lost 15 pounds. I kid you not, menopausal metabolism and all. I blame it on the spectre of Frank's unidentified food allergy hovering over me in the kitchen every day.

How have you been?

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  1. I'm not even able to list what's going on in my life, too too depressing...

    Yes, yoga--yoga will make you feel better. (Oh wait, I just noticed the date--did it happen?)And, YAAY--inadvertent weightloss--the best kind!!!

    I do hope things have begun to lift a bit...or a lot...