Thursday, February 17, 2011

Take Two

So I wrote this post saying that we had figured something out, that it looks like Frank is allergic to wheat gluten and scoured our lives for possible gluten culprits and we had two gluten-free meals where we all three ate the same food for the first time in months and months and now it appears that Frank is reacting to something else. Tomatoes, maybe? Could he be allergic to tomatoes?

This is an excruciatingly frustrating one step forward, two steps back process and I am dangling here at the end of my rope.


  1. Unless you remove any wheat flour and other possible contaminations; along with a thorough cabinet and kitchen cleaning, he will run the risk of becoming ill again and again. My sister in law last yr. had to go through the same thing. Now she cleans her counters before and after preparing food and makes sure her hands are clean as well.

  2. Oh my, the journey isn't an easy one, but in the long run worth all the effort. His health (and yours, too) will improve when you go GF. DH and DD are celiac - DD much more reactive than DH and because hers is so much worse she did develop several other food allergies along the way as well. Keep your meals simple; keep them fresh (no preservatives) and stay positive. :)

  3. have my sympathies, my well-wishes, and my crossed fingers that it's FINALLY figured out!