Monday, December 27, 2010

Sane Holiday

One of the things I figured out this year about keeping my cool and not spiraling out of control was this: keep it simple, especially in the kitchen.

I come from the land of a thousand holiday side dishes. In the past, I have spent almost all of christmas day in the kitchen. By the time dinner was on the table I would be frazzled, resentful and exhausted.

This year I kept the meal very simple, meat, potatoes, veg, rolls, dessert, wine. When Max said he really wanted refrigerated crescent rolls, I said sure, no holiday bread baking for me! I made both desserts the afternoon before.

So on christmas day I got to play and skateboard with Max and knit with my mom. When we sat down to dinner, I felt happy and grateful.

My new holiday rule: don't martyr yourself in the kitchen.


  1. I did similiar things--pared way down, decided everyone DIDN'T need a million stocking stuffers--that sort of thing.

    I found myself continually thinking about what you wrote in a comment on one of my posts--that it's my holiday, too. I think we too easily forget that--we're so busy making sure that everyone else has the best Christmas ever that we forget about our own joy.

    And the thing is--I bet your family enjoyed it way more with you calm and sane. I know mine did.

    Congratulations, Laura!!

  2. P.S. I like crescent rolls in the tube, too! (And apparently they're accidentally vegan!)

  3. I overheard my mom say "Laura is so calm" on the phone over and over as she talked to our relatives. It makes me wonder how stressed I must have seemed in the past.

  4. Isn't it nice to do things simply? I had all these things I wanted to make but Dave said...his kids eat simple things...VERY simple. So ... we kept it simple and it worked very well :-)