Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Monday Things

  • Max has a cello concert tonight and he is wearing tie. My heart may explode from motherly pride - he looks so darn cute.
  • My sister is sick. (I hope you're feeling better, Boots.)
  • I am seriously considering one of those single cup coffee robots. Suggestions? Thoughts?
  • My friend, Wendy, was in my dream last night and it was really wonderful to see her, even if it was just in a dream.
  • I am drinking a beer before the cello concert. I feel slightly guilty about that.
  • I am currently reading five different books.
  • I am working very hard at being a more compassionate person.


  1. i love your lists. have fun, Max!!

  2. Ooo--I have an opinion! The Keurig--I LOVE my Keurig (it has a lot more coffee choices) that what you mean by coffee robot?

    Aww...Max in a tie? Playing cello? Such sweetness...

    I really like your lists!!