Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Happy Book: Week Eight

I've been absent from the weekly happy roundup for a few weeks, not because of lack of happy, life has just been keeping me away from my desk.

I didn't have a chance to spread guerrilla happiness this week and I have been feeling a little blue but these two things really brightened my world this week and I couldn't resist sharing the happy.

We were boo-ed. This is a neighborhood game of secret halloween bombing. An anonymous bag of treats and this little paper ghosty was left on our doorstep, along with instructions to post our ghost and then boo two other houses.

We are down to a short list of who to boo and I think tonight's the night!

And behold, my spooky kitchen window...

The twinkle lights that have adorned this window since christmas went south last week and instead of just replacing the strand of white lights, I put up these purple ones. They cast a creepy glow over the kitchen at night.

Now tell me, what made you happy this week?

I'm taking part in The Next Chapter book blogging group, with the always wonderful Jamie Ridler. We are playing our way throughThe Happy Book by Rachel Kempster and Meg Leder.

If you'd like to join in, you can find out more here.


  1. I have never been boo-ed - what a fun event!
    The lights look great!

  2. You have fun traditions in your neighborhood! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Have a happy week!

  3. Our neighborhood starting doing the boo thing when Nathan was a baby--in fact, it actually inspired a story, which inspired a novel, which inspired a whole series of books (still in my head)--so boo things are good!!

    Love, love, LOVE the twinkly purple lights!!