Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School Boot Camp

Two weeks from today Max goes back to school.

Last year, we planned on one week for boot camp and something happened, (I don't remember what it was, a late dinner party maybe?) and we only had about four days to make the transition from summer bedtimes and wakeups to our school schedule. It was not nearly enough time for us. The first week of school was a lot harder than it had to be for Max – and for me too.

So, this year, at the beginning of the summer, we sat down with the calendar and decided we needed TWO weeks for back to school boot camp. I put "B.T.S. Training" on today's date and promptly forgot all about it. When the first of August rolled around and I flipped over the calendar page, I spent two days trying to figure out what BTS training was. Was it something Frank had to attend at work? I had him checking and double checking his calendar in his office when it dawned on me. Oh, BTS = back to school!

Last night, we tried to get back to Max's earlier bedtime, rather unsuccessfully. I'm hoping we'll do better tonight. We dutifully set alarms and rolled out of bed at the appointed "school year" time this morning. Six for me. Six thirty for Frank and Max.

We are easing into it. All we had to accomplish today was the actually getting out of bed. As the days roll on we will push breakfast into the earlier time slot and slowly get into the tempo of a school day morning. By the end of next week, we'll be dressed and ready to roll, right on time.

This is also an opportunity to look ahead to the new school year and talk about what's coming up. It opens a space for Max to talk about what he's looking forward to in fourth grade, and what he might be worried about.

What works for you? How to you get ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year?


  1. Every year we attempt to segue into BTS and fail. This year, I give up. I really admire you for trying -- esp. the "tickler" note.

  2. Oh my gosh, this is SO efficient of you!!! But I just can't bear it--I can't! I don't want to get up earlier even one day before I have to--and I think Nathan feels the same. I did, however, decide to just get the school shopping over with early for a change--so I feel good about that!

  3. Not so much efficiency as self preservation. Max is absolutely miserable when he's under-slept and the first days of school are stressful enough without adding exhaustion to the mix.

    Bought Max's new school shoes today and we are done!

  4. We decided to get back to earlier bedtimes just this past weekend. Now I just have to steel myself to waking them up earlier in the morning.

    And does Max wear "shoes" or does he live in sneakers, like my boys?

  5. Hey Michelle! Max only wears sneakers. He doesn't even own a pair of "real shoes." And I forgot to mention this, but part of back to school boot camp is actually wearing shoes for an hour or two a day because he is so often barefoot or in sandals over the summer.