Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update from Summer

I've been thinking a lot about letters and how I hardly ever write them anymore. Quite frankly, it feels weird to send a card or a note through the mail and since they inevitably go unanswered (although getting a response is not the motivating factor behind the writing) I often wonder if my letters, cards and notes actually arrive where I've sent them.

This is not a manifesto. No announcement that I'm returning to letter writing with a vengeance. I'm just feeling the loss, wondering what I might do about it.
Does anyone still write letters? Do you?

But wait, I promised an update didn't I?

We are awash in tomatoes. These are "Juliet" tomatoes, a cross between cherry and grape, not as sweet as grape. Despite their size, they pack a lot of big tomato flavor.

In an unrelated note, Frank stumbled upon a snail habitat underneath a water sprinkler on Father's Day. A good deal of time was spent finding these little guys a new home.

One of the joys of this summer (so far) has been a resurgence of lego building which might explain why these guys were staring me down at breakfast this morning.
(I like that Max has supplied wine glasses for his minifigs.)
I was noticing while I downloaded these pictures that every shot I take at the pool looks the same, blue water, blue sky, quarry walls. The only thing that changes is the length of Max's hair.

We have been enthralled by paper airplanes for the last couple of weeks. Frank have Max have not only made a shelf full of various designs but they've been collecting data on their flight performance.

Max is very serious about data collection and graphs and also diagrams.

And here lies my abandoned yoga mat and gym bag...

I'm going back next week.


  1. write me a letter, i'll write back. love this post. and my yoga mat, fyi, is in the back of the van. I went to 1 of the classes but not the 9 others. yours, nancy

    ps i'll FB u my address...

  2. I'm a letter writer--though I have only one friend with whom I exchange letters. It's maybe a half dozen letters a year, but oh how I savor them! So exciting--getting a big fat envelope in the mail!! Should I add you to the small list?!

    Lovely entry--lovely photos! The summer is already looking excellent!!

  3. I miss letters. Not writing them, but getting them.
    That snail picture gives me the creeps - I just can't stand the idea of their slimy body touching me!

    I miss Legos too! Why can't my son play with them forever? They are for all ages!

    I love the pool pictures and the idea of watching the hair grow in the shots....