Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Computer Sundays

I love my computer, I truly do. I love the way it connects me to far away friends and their myriad shenanigans, but I know I could get more writing accomplished if I just left it off every once in a while. So henceforth I am embracing No Computer Sundays.

I am already feeling a little twitchy about this. Wish me luck.

Thanks to Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio for the idea and the artwork.


  1. i could do that with you, from here.

  2. I really LOVE this idea! And it's so odd, Laura--I can EASILY give up the computer for long periods of time (evidence: my absence in Blogland), but I feel so guilty when I do--like I'm letting everyone down. I think I have my priorities twisted around...hmm...

    In any case--I hope it gets easier for you--and I hope you post some of the great art that is no doubt going to be pouring forth...