Thursday, May 27, 2010


I forget this every year – the whirling blur that is the end of the school year for Max and thus, for me. These final weeks are filled with Market Days and concerts and plays and parties. I am at the school almost every day.

The kid energy around the end of school is contagious and I catch myself counting down the days.

This is also the time of year when I try to put my creative projects in order for the summer months.

My days during the school year look a bit different from summer days. In summertime, there is less silence but there is also more Max, which is a particularly sweet bonus. Being at home with Max changes the amount of time I have to write but it also opens up all kinds of creative paths I would never discover on my own. Max's creativity is bottomless. You want some fresh ideas? Try refracting them through the eyes of a nine year old boy!

Last year, (anyone remember the infamous Trident of Creativity?) I had some very specific goals for the summer, although I thought I'd left plenty of wiggle room. This year I am leaving every door and window wide open. I'm leaving it all up to chance! This summer will be what it will be and if in August, all I've got to show for it is sunburned shoulders, that will be enough.


  1. Yaay--it sounds like such fun!! I'm not making plans this summer either--and who knows what joy awaits? I'll just let the days unfold as they (and Nathan) will...enjoy!!

  2. sounds like a spectacular plan. we're trying something new this year -- scaling way back on the edible garden and going to the farmers markets instead. it will be alright, but I think i'll miss the alien looking squash plants ;)