Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

We stayed home for our spring break. We laughed, cooked and ate together. We listened to music and made music and danced. We slid and floated and swam. We each uncoiled from our regular workload, stretched and rested. We saw Up, which totally wrecked me in the first five minutes, honestly I never recovered and Diary of a Wimpy Kid which is a darn good movie with a beautiful message about being yourself and being true to your friends. We absorbed some sad news and found a way, I hope, to look on the bright side. We spent a lot of time outside.

Frank and Max made a sundial.

Max decided to get his hair cut.

There was tennis

and the inevitable trip

to the guitar store

where Max flirted with a drum kit.

We played games

and wrapped up the week with a ride on the little train at the zoo this morning

in chilly perfect sunshine.


  1. that kid of yours just has great hair, doesn't he? sounds fun!! we're celebrating spring break now, finally remembered how to exhale :)

  2. Enjoy your spring break, Nancy and keep breathing!

  3. What a lovely, perfect day!

    I just stopped by today to say "I SEE you Laura" (and I like the way you see the world.)

    Much warmth,


  4. It sounds like the perfect spring break! I love the haircut--though it makes him look older...and I'm hoping that the sad news wasn't too bad...