Saturday, December 26, 2009

What Mom Wants

For five years, I've wanted a stand mixer for Christmas. I have a perfectly fine hand mixer but I do a lot of baking and the Kitchen Aid stand mixer has long been calling my name.

Every year, the stand mixer is at the top of my list and I start watching for sales, comparing prices and for the last four years something has always come up at the last minute and the holiday budget begins to dwindle and I let the stand mixer go. I don't feel right spending that much money on myself when the budget starts to squeak from tightness.

This year, once again, we were faced with a budget crisis in the week before Christmas. (Dear Person Who Hacked into Itunes and Cleaned Out My Bank Account: Screw you. Very Sincerely, Laura.) This is the kind of thing that sends me into crazy tailspins of worry and lack.

But this year, I had just banded together with my mom and to be sure that my little sister got what she wanted for Christmas. This year, I know the bank will take care of the fraudulent charges and get that money back into our account. This year, I am pretty sure that denying the things I really want is not particularly healthy for my spirit.

On Facebook, I've mentioned that this is the Year of the Guitar.

But it is also the year of the stand mixer.

Tomorrow I will fire that thing up and bake my boy a birthday cake.


  1. Oh, boy! Congratulations on your stand mixer! (I've wanted a new one since my old hand-me-down one died 10 years ago.) I'm stoking the fires of that feeling of abundance these days, as well.

    Love, love, love the guitar! Early Happy Birthday to The Boy!

  2. Congratulations! I got one too and like you I've been pining for one for years. I've already baked two loafs of bread, a cake, a batch of muffins and made several vinegraittes with it. Have fun.

  3. Yay for stand-up mixer!! And for birthday cake!!

  4. Congratulations on getting your stand mixer! Let the mixin' and baking begin!

  5. I am sure the bank will help you figure that out. Dammit!!! what a drag, though.

    I've been wanting a stand mixer for about 30 years now, seriously. Since I was a teenager and first got into baking and cooking. Good for you for getting one. As soon as I get a new (bigger) kitchen (this spring?) i'll be next :)

    glad y'all are having good holidays and a birthday, too.

  6. Standing mixers inspire the soul (or so I've found)--rock on with it!