Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Louder than Bombs

I'm listening to The Smiths this morning and the lyrics keep distracting me. Plus I have to stop every five minutes to play my imaginary tambourine.

I have been MIA from this space for a week and while I wish I had some gloriously interesting reason, I'm afraid it's just that life was happening. I was doing some other writing and every time I came back over here, there was nothing but the sound of crickets in my brain.

This morning the crickets have been shooed away by The Smiths and I am not completely sure that it's an improvement.

I've been trying to write for at least an hour every day and I keep getting stuck at 45 minutes. That's sixty minutes, ass in chair without interruption. For some reason, right at the 45 minute mark my brain just goes into a skid and I cannot go any further. Cleaning off my desk has helped immensely. I have even (gasp) shoved my laptop over to the corner so there's just a nice big blank space in the middle of the desk. Sharpened pencils help too.

Sometimes it takes me forever to do these very simple things.


  1. 45 minutes = the magic number. Why not? You are WRITING EVERY DAY for God's sake!

  2. I was thinking what Jena said--your ass actually IS in the chair. You're writing! Fantastic!