Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday at the McNay with Max

It's only four seconds long - go ahead and watch...

We spent the morning running around the grounds at the McNay which is practically in our backyard. After a while, the boys took off to explore and I found a shady spot to sit and write. I came away with six smoking hot pages of material which is a pretty darn good day's work for a poet.

We found out this afternoon that Max has been accepted into the gifted program at his school (after not one, but two different rounds of mind numbingly boring standardized tests). He is over the moon!

Happy Saturday.


  1. And that program was Heights. Man, those tests were so BORING! Your dinner was so AWESOME!

    P.S. This is the second time I typed this.

  2. Thanks, Max. I'm really proud of you.