Monday, November 9, 2009

Four O'Clock

It's usually about four pm when I start to feel the beginnings of panic over all the things left to be done and the things that aren't going to get done. The dinner that needs making and the laundry that hasn't been put away begin to make me anxious.

I feel it first in my jaw, a kind of tightening that will spread down into my neck if I let it.

This is also the time when Max seems to need me the most. He's decompressed from school and is ready to talk and do homework.

So, starting today, I am consciously working on that little tightening in my jaw. Shaking my head around until it lets go. Moving that unfolded laundry out of sight and applying some mindful concentration to the making of dinner. Plus I'm going to stop whatever I'm doing and hang out with Max if he asks. Dinner can be a few minutes late.

And I am not going to fix the word I misspelled this afternoon on Facebook!

1 comment:

  1. Laura, I have that four o'clock moment too! I never heard anyone else talk about it!