Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Notes

I started at least four blog posts today that just fizzled out after the first sentence so instead, I give you the timeless cop out of random notes.

Our backyard which was a desert of barren soil and crunchy dead grass after the triple digit drought extravaganza of summer has blossomed into a veritable jungle of wild indigenous plant life/weeds and the basil that I abandoned in the garden and have completely ignored for two months is threatening to take over the planet.

It was so hot and humid this morning during my run that I cried a little while I was running.

I am so behind on my reading I could read for three days straight and still not be caught up.

When the seasons start to change I get moody and distracted and it wreaks havoc on my writing practice. This happens four times a year and every time I freak out and panic.

I had night sweats last night that were so intense they bordered on hallucinogenic. It was all I could do not to wake Frank up so I would have a witness.


  1. I definitely don't miss the night sweats...waking up several times a night needing to change my nightgown!

  2. Random notes work. Consider yourself witnessed.

  3. i woke up very disoriented during the night...i thought i was wherever i was dreaming about! Very weird!

  4. When the seasons change here in Michigan, I get energized and maniacally busy; and it's always directed outward rather than inward. And I like your random notes as much as I like everything else you write. MIME

  5. Laura,
    First time visit. How lovely to meet you! I was trying to decide which of your posts to remark on and I settled on this one because it oozed "permission," something we don't often give ourselves as women. And I really laughed at the hot flash thing, too true! May you be happy and at ease today. :-)