Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August and Everything After

It's August, can you believe it? School supplies are everywhere and we are imagining the end of summer as it cruises around the corner. The internet is awash in moms who are fed up with summer and are counting down the days till the first day of school, but I can honestly say, at this very moment, I haven't had enough. Not enough reading and playing and popsicles, not enough long mostly one sided conversations about Pokémon, not enough time with Max, relaxed and in his element.

There have been days when I missed the structure of the school year. There have been moments when I have been so hungry for solitude I could hardly stand it. I have chafed a bit under my summer constraints, but on those days I have always remembered, I will have solitude again. I know I will have long quiet hours to write. Time enough to run as far as I want as often as I want.

What I will not have again is the crazy summer of eight years old. Amid the Pokémon chatter and legos and Bionicles (whose names I still can't keep straight), we have shared so much this summer. It has been pure joy to watch Max grow not only in inches and shoe size but in compassion and understanding. His heart has grown over the summer and I count myself lucky to have been here to witness it.


  1. i'm glad you know you'll have your time and quiet back before you know it...this has been an awesome summer!

    here's a toast to summer,

    ...and next summer!

  2. My youngest is 19 - and we still get times to hang (which I treasure like the gold they are!) and I still get to "witness", as you said, his heart growth - but something about those young years...how fast they went, how wondrous they were - ohmy - your post brought so much back, and my eyes filled up...time goes sooo quickly Lovely post, thanks for this!

  3. Hey Laura -- I did stop by and read your post the other day -- not sure what interrupted me, because I intended to comment! :)

    It really helps me to talk with or read about parents who enjoy their relationship with their children. I think it's kind of contagious, too. After spending time with people who have positive things to say about their kids, it colors how I look at my own kids. I am reminded to appreciate this time with them. What a great thing to pass on! Hope it spreads much faster and further than that Staple's commercial mentality. >:P

  4. We're 7 & almost-10 over here and are these the best ages or WHAT??? I love it so much. So much creativity and energy and love. Plus my two are at the same stage developmentally for the first time ever. They won't have this again until they're... what do you think? 24 & 27, maybe? (I'm thinking of how different 12 is from 15, 16 from 19, 21 from 24, etc.)