Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Little Tripod

Lefty flew off this morning to his annual professional meeting. It's in Philadelphia this year which will allow him some hang out time with his Philly guitar buddies.

His absence unhinged us a little bit. The Kid and I will breeze through the weekdays while he's away but today has been hard. It may feel different if your family is larger, but our little tripod topples when someone is missing. A full weekend day without Lefty and we hardly knew what to do with ourselves. The Kid insisted the only thing that made him feel better was lying in the grass.

We muddled through, played some games, sat on the porch, listened to the birds and waited for the phone to ring - waited to hear Lefty say, "I made it. I'm here."


  1. Living within my own little tripod, I know EXACTLY what you mean! Routines get you through for a while, but then it becomes obvious--everyone is needed! A throughout the tone is off, the flavor is just not quite right.