Monday, May 4, 2009


Do you remember when we were doing the (literal) groundwork for our garden at the old house and then had to leave that plot behind when we moved? Can you guess how Lefty and I spent the morning? I'll give you a hint.

Yes, we put in our garden. It is on a more modest scale than the patch we left behind, mainly because it is late late late to be putting tomatoes in the ground here. Yes, I know the rest of you are still in the throes of spring but in South Texas, it is practically summer. So it's small, but there's room to expand. It's another small way of making this new space our home.


  1. Beautiful. Staking your claim.

  2. Thanks, SS. Welcome.

    Oh, don't I know it, Prof. J. Do you think summer is here already?

  3. Oh, delightful! We have awful, clay-ey soil with massive tree roots everywhere (not to mention the trees themselves, shading everything), so I find it difficult to grow much. I love watching other peoples' gardens take shape!

  4. Thanks Karen. We are officially worried about the squash today. It's looking kind of iffy.