Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hello, poor neglected blog. I am strung out on stress and may not be able to string a coherent sentence together thus, a list.

•We found a house, a nice house with a porch and a funky backyard. We are packing and getting ready to move. I had forgotten what a grueling task packing can be – wish me luck.

•Lefty and The Kid are both suffering from terrible allergies featuring snot, coughing and sneezing.

•I have been doing some very good writing, work of which I am particularly proud.

•I have just about had it with putting on a bra for a ten minute trip to the store. Do I really have to do that? Really?!

I am really completely overwhelmed with the enormity of the task of packing the house up. Any advice for me?


  1. No advice. But I'm proud of you for writing even when you're stressed!

  2. So glad you've found a house you like. As for packing up advice, I used to move a lot and I wish I had known then to purge as I packed. I would've saved a lot of time and effort moving things I didn't need or use often enough to justify the work of moving them.

    Good luck and may the stress and allergies ease off soon!

  3. Thanks for the good cheer, good wishes and advice!

  4. Skip the bra. (Unless you're running?!)

    Congrats on the house!

    And pack the same way you write, whatever that might mean.

  5. Jena - Thanks for the wonderful advice (on bras and packing). I am a quick and dirty kind of writer - I do a lot of revision, so I might just jumble some things into boxes today, just to see the box pile grow.

  6. Bre's are ridiculous. (That's what my auntie calls them, as in, "I need my bre!") (She also says, OH! I forgot my panties!)


    Just don't mark one of the boxes "UNPAID BILLS" when it's not, because it will give your husband a little "freak-out" when he realizes it's CDs or something, instead.

    Not that that happened over here, oh no.

    Steve is fond of throwing all his crap into a box and marking it VAST TECHNOLOGICAL WASTELAND.

    This aggravates me.

    We aggravated the movers by refusing to get rid of even one of our five futons last time we changed residences. We had us and one small baby at the time. Why five beds???? I have no idea.

  7. I'm glad you found a place! No,you don't have to wear a bra.

  8. Hi You!

    I have zero energy for blogging. My blog is more neglected than yours, as evidenced by the fact that it is still snowing there!

    I'm so glad about the house! Sending good packing energy. Our move is going slowly. Mer compared it to removing a band-aid s-l-o-w-l-y, instead of just ripping it off.

    I hate bras. I wear running bras around here -- not like the cool running women wear them -- I mean, mine are UNDER my clothes. When I wear a real bra, I remove it as soon as I get into the house. The kids give me a hard time when I run around the house searching for my bra! Where did I PUT that thing??

    Doing good work -- you must have that great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction! I'm so glad the writing is going well! xoxoxo

  9. Okay, I now feel like I have permission to go to the store without a bra. I will let you know if the guy behind the deli counter collapses from shock.

    and Laura! Hey there. I enjoyed the snow on your blog and went back to look at it every so often because it was calming...

    Thanks for stopping by. I am sending a bit of my good moving energy your way.

  10. Just let the girls flop, Laura--I promise we won't look. I've pretty much repressed the last move (we moved ourselves out of an apartment on the third floor, no elevator). I did, however, find it an excelllent opportunity to purge. Just keep asking yourself, is this worth moving?

    Other than that--positive vibes are being sent your way--the strenthening, calming sort.